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Customized Strategic Planning Workshops

Need to maximize profits, minimize costs and target new opportunities?  Stengel Solutions can help you accelerate the strategic planning process, through an intense, customized workshop, given by specialists in the areas of business strategy, financial planning and communication.

We prepare for the workshop by reviewing your current business plan, financials and marketing materials, as well as researching how the external environment, including the competition, affects your business. The workshop is an interactive session with key management personnel participating in the assessment of: where your business is, both the realities and the perceptions; where you want to take it; and how to achieve results. A post-workshop report provides conclusions and recommends a strategy for achieving your business goals.

More specifically, the company’s leadership will leave the workshop with:

  • agreement on the mission, description and direction of the company
  • an assessment of the current business environment and its impact on your company
  • an evaluation of internal strengths to be capitalized on and weaknesses to be overcome
  • prioritization of opportunities
  • measurement of threats
  • determination of the company’s competitive advantages and positioning statements
  • a roadmap for developing a strategic plan with appropriate tactics

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