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Ten Tips for Developing a Meaningful Market Analysis



Raising Money
- Today's Times
- Angel Investors

The Tools
- The Elevator Pitch
- Investor Presentation
- Business Plan
- Financials

Strategic Issues
- Challenging Times
- Competitive Barriers
- Measuring Performance
- Outsourcing
- Strategic Alliances
- Strategic Plannin

- Sustainable Growth

Sales & Marketing
- Better Branding
- Developing E-newsletters
- Online Feedback
Market Analysis
- The Plan

The Human Element
- Hiring/Keeping
- Advisory Boards
- Corporate Board

Selling Your Business

List of Resources

 Annual Reports and Other Company Information

Hoover's Online ( delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence. Some information is free and some you need to be a paid subscriber.

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission ( provides official filing form public companies.  

Business and General Press as well as Press Releases

All of these sources can be found both online and in print. Some online versions may require subscriptions.

  • Business Week

  • Bloomberg

  • Business Wire

  • CNBC

  • CNNfn

  • Crain’s Business New York

  • Dow Jones Newswires

  • Fast Company

  • Forbes

  • Fortune

  • Inc

  • Reuters

  • PR Newswire

  • The New York Times

  • The Wall Street Journal

The Electric Library ( retrieve articles from magazines and newspapers. links to the Web sites of more than 2,000 newspapers, business journals, magazines, and computer publications.

Demographic Information

American Demographics covers consumer trends for business people. It is available both online and in print.

U.S. Census Bureau ( Statistics on U.S. people, businesses and geography.

Online Computer Databases

  • Dialog

  • Factiva

  • Nexis

Online Grapevine allows you to search usenet discussion groups.

Research Firms

FIND/SVP: Provides fully integrated research, advisory and business intelligence services in a broad range of industries and disciplines.

Forrester: A research firm that analyzes the future of technology change and its impact on businesses, consumers, and society.

Gartner: A provider of research and analysis on the computer hardware, software, communications and related information technology industries.

Intelliquest: Providing survey software, information databases, and customized marketing research to the high technology and computer industries.

IDC: Provides data, analysis and advisory services on information technology (IT) markets, trends, products, vendors, and geographies.

Jupiter Research: Jupiter Research provides industry-specific analysis, competitive insight and strategic advice to exploit new technologies and business processes.

Trade Publications and Associations

For a listing of business publications by industry check SRDS Business Publication Advertising Source. For a listing of trade associations check Encyclopedia of Associations published by Gayles. Your local business will have these books if they have a business reference area.

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