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  • Helped a health and safety prevention organization create a for-profit subsidiary, which acts as a training organization, and a franchisor for health and safety consulting

  • Assisted an educational foundation in the creation of a publishing agreement for an award-winning textbook, in order to facilitate off-mission sales with minimal impact on the organization. The potential impact has been described “equal to our relationship with our largest funder”.

  • Facilitated the creation of a Management Service Organization, which has saved eight non-profit organizations more than $1M on back-office services over its first two years, in addition to improving quality and risk management. The MSO itself will be profitable in its fourth year.

  • Helped a job training woodshop create a marketing and business plan, and adjusted the production schedule to fit the social and financial goals of the organization. The social return on investment is projected to increase simultaneously with a significant increase in earned income.

  • Worked with a network of nine health centers as they centralized the operations of a food box delivery program, and evolved the governance of the partnership. Quality increased, sustainability improved, and the customers of the program now have a role in organizational governance. 

  • Helped a charity create a business model for a reporting tool, used by corporations to manage corporate responsibility activities.

  • Evaluated the financial and social performance of an association’s portfolio of revenue generating products, leading to an elimination of low-potential products and an enhancement program to improve high-potential products. Over $350K in financial improvements without any investment.

  • Advised an educational foundation as it defined the services and pricing it will offer to a network of franchises – other non-profits who act as partners in delivering the program in other US markets

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