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Stengel Solutions is a strategic planning and marketing firm specializing in solutions for industry leaders, growth businesses and nonprofits. Whether you’re developing a plan for sustainable long term growth, building strategic alliances to penetrate new markets or forming an advisory board to provide objective advice regarding new opportunities, Stengel Solutions can provide you with solutions to build your company at every stage.

Our mission is to deliver an individualized business strategy, leaving pre-packaged approaches and abstract thinking to our competitors. We listen to you, understanding your needs and goals. Our collaborative approach to problem solving ensures initiatives are strategically sound and in keeping with your business approach. We go beyond standard market data and analysis, digging deep into your industry to find the best information and opportunities. To offer solutions that offer clear-cut advantage. To develop breakthrough ideas that work on time, on strategy - and on budget.

Stengel Solutions is a full-service firm, not only known for our ability to gather and synthesize information so that it becomes useful to you and decisions can be made, but also for our ability to execute complicated projects in the minimum of time. A vast network of top quality service providers in related industries including Web development, public relations, graphic design, and marketing communications make Stengel Solutions a valuable resource for companies that are looking to boost profit and potential in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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