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  • Business & Financial Information Service: To retain and expand the individual investor customer segment after a major restructuring and increase in rates, recommended repackaging and re-pricing the service and launching it as a new service aimed specifically at the market. As part of the analysis, conducted market research to understand the needs of the market. Discovered there was a need for more news and information about companies, but that current offerings were too expensive for most of the market. A cost benefit analysis revealed that this market segment did not need the entire product offering and that they were willing to use the service during off-hours to get a reduced price. Recommended a slimmed down version of the product offered after business hours and the price. Developed a comprehensive marketing communications plan that included print advertising and direct mail to current, former and prospective customers.
    Result: Recaptured a dwindling customer set and achieved profitability in its first year.
  • Online Content Site: To attract funding, wrote the business plan. Analyzed the marketplace and profiled the competition to position the company and develop a first mover advantage. Devised both a business-to-consumer and business-to-business business model with multiple revenue streams including banner advertising, sponsorships, 1-to-1 opt in email opportunities, e-commerce, loyalty club and content syndication. Developed the features and capabilities for the site. Developed the advertising sponsorship strategy including features and pricing. Sourced thrid-party vendors including advertising agency, public relations firm, Web site developer, law firm and accounting firm. When the market dropped out for big marketing budget Web sites, conceived a cost effective business-to-business strategy to drive traffic to the consumer site.
    Result: Using the business plan the company was able to secure angel financing, attract marquis names for the corporate board and high quality professional service providers, form a significant strategic alliance with one of the largest women’s sites and attract Fortune 500 advertisers.
  • Service Firm: To counter a competitive challenge on a limited budget, recommended maintaining and expanding the company’s reputation within the industry as the leading authority by becoming the industry’s resource using their Web site. Devised a marketing program to accomplish this goal that included developing an online resource center and e-newsletter. The online resource center provides links to news information and trends as well as educational sources and books about the industry. The e-newsletter provides an inexpensive and ongoing vehicle to communicate with the market about insights into the industry.
    Result: Within 3 months site traffic quadrupled and the number of prospects increased dramatically.

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